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04 January 2011 @ 10:35 pm
I Made a Song for You My Friend (Sunmi/Sohee) for seawise  

Title: I Made a Song for You My Friend
Recipient: seawise
Pairing: Sunmi/Sohee
Rating: G
Notes: for seawise, who wanted "first times | au | bandfic | friendshipfic | comedy." um, well, i tried?



The first time Sunmi meets Sohee is on her first day at the agency. She was looking around, trying to get a feel of the place, wondering how long before she makes her first friend, when she spotted the other girl, sitting in a far off corner, quietly listening to her music player. Sunmi had smiled at her, but Sohee had just scrunched up her nose in response, and Sunmi remembers wondering if she'd done something wrong.

Honestly though, even after that first time, Sunmi noticed Sohee a lot when they were trainees. She had a face that fascinated Sunmi. Sometimes she'd like to just come up and poke the air out of Sohee's cheeks, or squish that round face. She kept her distance though, because she was never sure how to read Sohee.

At least until one day.

"Aaaaah!" Sunmi had squealed, shuffling over to Sohee's side of the training room. "Chansung-oppa just let out a huge fart and—"

...and it smells so bad, Sunmi would have said, except Sohee had just suddenly burst out laughing, causing Sunmi to start laughing as well, and they were probably laughing like idiots for at least ten minutes after.

And then they were pretty inseparable, although it probably made sense in so many other ways that they were, since they're the same age, and most people tend to gravitate towards people of the same age. So they became a bit of a unit, along with Hyuna, who's another trainee of the same age. For the most part, Sunmi has that weird happy feeling that the entire family is like an extended family anyway— she just happens to like Sohee the most. (But of course no one needed to know that.)


The first time they find out they're going to be in a group together, it feels kind of awesome. Hyuna and Sunmi can't stop talking about it, and Sohee is all smiles. Sunmi practically glomps Sunye (who's been in the company far longer than anyone else of them has, and who has a tendency to quietly mother all her juniors) when she finds out she's the leader.

"I'm just super excited," Sunmi says, practically rolling on the floor as if to exhibit the meaning of her statement. "I'm so happy I could kiss you," she says, stretching Sohee's face every which way, the latter just sticking her tongue out at her,

Training, however, gets more grueling after that. One time, she's practicing late into the night, when Sohee comes in the practice room with a bottle of ice cold water.

"Don't stress yourself too much," Sohee had told her. "It's not worth it."

"Of course it is," she had answered confidently, a huge smile on her face.

Sohee remembers wishing she could be as sure about things.


The first time Sohee hears about Sunmi leaving ("no, it's just... a hiatus," Sunmi had said apologetically, "a leave of absence," as if that will make it any better), she doesn't know what to think. It's different from when Hyuna had to leave, because this time it's Sunmi's personal decision, and Sohee doesn't really understand.

"Oh," is all she manages to say, even as Yoobin starts crying. Yeeun is asking if there is anything any of them can do to stop this, and Sunye is telling Sunmi that she will always have a place in the group. "Oh," Sohee repeats quietly.

In her head Sohee rewinds and replays the past year, trying too see if she missed something, and she can see immediately that she has. Maybe it's not even really that she missed the signs (Sunmi being homesick, Sunmi joking around about singing the same song over and over, Sunmi sleeping through English lessons, Sunmi... not being Sunmi— suddenly it's like the signs were endless), but that she ignored them. She feels sick, and it probably isn't helping that Yoobin keeps voicing the same thoughts out loud.

"It's okay, unni," Sohee tells Yoobin firmly. "She feels better now."

I think, Sohee wants to add, but she hates sounding uncertain.

"I guess," Yoobin says.

"Sohee's probably right," Yeeun interjects positively. "When we go back to Korea we'll have dinner with her, and she'll show us it's all better."

I'm probably right, Sohee repeats in her head. I'm right.


The first time they see each other again in Korea though, Sohee feels her frustrations start bubbling up. Sunmi is all smiles, waving happily, but Sohee just feels annoyed. Annoyed at Sunmi for leaving, annoyed at herself for not having done anything to stop it, and ugh, annoyed that the weather was kind of shit.

But then Sunmi runs up to her, and envelops her in a huge hug, and she can't help but break out into a tiny smile even though her arms seem to be paralyzed, and refused to move from her side.

"I missed you!" Sunmi gushes, before moving on to do the same with Yoobin, and Yeeun, and Sunye. "I missed you all," Sunmi repeats after pulling away, her smile just getting bigger.

They talk about everything then, and before Sohee knows it, smiles and laughter have replaced the awkward feeling from the bottom of her stomach that had been attempting to get out earlier.

Before they separate, Sunmi gives each one of them a hug again, and this Sohee finds herself doing the same.

"I really missed you too," Sohee tells her softly.

"Don't worry, we'll talk again soon," Sunmi says. "Always smile, okay?"

"You too," Sohee says. "Study hard."

They're still hugging, and it's almost like neither of them wants to let go first.

Sohee gets a text message from Sunmi before she goes to bed, and all it reads is "Don't forget, okay? :)" She laughs to herself even as she keys in a reply, "Of course not. Sleep well!"


The first time Sunmi realises she wants out, is the first time she tells Sohee, "You're my best friend."

Sohee had just looked at her puzzled, and she'd smiled. "I just don't want you to forget it."

"Okay," Sohee had answered, laughing.

"Just saying, you know," Sunmi said, interlacing their fingers. "Don't forget it."

"Okay, I won't," Sohee said, squeezing Sunmi's hand, her eyes vanishing as she smiled. "You're mine, too."

seawiseseawise on January 5th, 2011 06:18 am (UTC)
this is very cute :) sohee seems very sohee here, so i love that!

i think the sohee/sunmi interaction was written out pretty well.

thank you for this lovely santa fic! :D
seawiseseawise on January 5th, 2011 06:19 am (UTC)
also, i noticed the title was a song title as well? you should post it at melodicword after reveals ;) js.
brochachocompatable on January 10th, 2011 12:57 pm (UTC)
i really wanted to comment on this when it was first posted, but i go blank whenever i have to write a comment. but i appreciated reading this fic sfm because sunmi is my all-time favorite wg member and you captured the effect of her absence.