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04 January 2011 @ 10:10 pm
The Snowflake Fairy (Jessica/Tiffany) for augmenti  
Title: The Snowflake Fairy
Pairing: Jessica/Tiffany gen
Rating: G
Summary: Jessica gets a visit from the snowflake fairy after complaining about working in the Christmas season. For augmenti.

”Another Christmas at work,” Jessica sighed, drawing in the condensation on her window. After so long, she should have been used to working when everyone else had time off, but she still felt pangs on loneliness when Christmas came around. As a child, it had been such a big deal for her, but now she was busy with work year-round. There wasn’t much time to sulk about it and Taeyeon would tell her not to show that kind of face around the younger girls, but she was alone now.

At least, as alone as she could be with Tiffany sleeping next to her. She peeked down to make sure that she hadn’t woken Tiffany, because Tiffany was in “annoying holiday girl” mode. Tiffany had even admitted as much to Ida-unnie live on radio. So if Tiffany knew what Jessica was feeling, she would probably bombard her with all sorts of things to instil holiday cheer. As much as Jessica loved Tiffany, she didn’t think that she was willing to put up with that.

Leaving her badly-drawn Christmas tree to frost over, she lay down beside Tiffany and shut her eyes to sleep. Tomorrow, she would be right back to doing her work as best as she could.


“Unnie is at it again,” was Seohyun’s greeting to Jessica in the morning, gold tinsel strung around her neck like a scarf. “She was up before I was.”

“I see that…” Jessica eyed the tinsel suspiciously. If Tiffany had done that to Seohyun, there was no way that she would be safe. The other girls were either sporting tinsel as well, or removing it, so Jessica waited for Tiffany to descend.

Tiffany didn’t. She just smiled to Jessica. “I know how you feel about my holiday spirit,” she said playfully, “so I’ll spare you for today.”

No, it’s okay. I don’t mind. But just this once, you can do it. That was what Jessica wanted to say. What came out was, “You know me, Tiff.” And that was that and Tiffany moved on to the next victim.


21st December

Jessica pulled off her boots and sat down. It was surprising that she hadn’t already injured her feet. No, that was Tiffany’s job. The dressing room seemed so empty without Tiffany there, even though the noise level was the same as before, the girls piling in and chattering as they did. It was exactly the same. They all knew Tiffany would be back and that she would probably have a new Christmas decoration for them. She spent her time between physiotherapy sessions, working on new decorations that she made herself.

Figuring that she might as well call Tiffany and find out how she was feeling, Jessica reached into her bag for her phone. As she wrapped her hand around it, she noticed something odd. It felt like there was something lumpy attached. She frowned, pre-emptively preparing herself for something unpleasant, like a forgotten mint, but blinked in confusion when she got the phone into her hand.

A neat paper snowflake was attached to the phone, with a peppermint taped onto it. It made her smile a little, although she wasn’t sure who had done this. She looked around at the others, who didn’t pay any attention. Could it have been Tiffany? She didn’t think Tiffany would, not after stating quite clearly that she wouldn’t subject Jessica to her Christmas attacks.

And right below the peppermint was a single word: Have. “Have what?”

Yuri peeked over Jessica’s shoulder. “What’d you say, Sica?”

“Nothing,” Jessica replied, quickly turning the phone over to hide her surprise from Yuri, though she didn’t know why she felt the need to.

Yuri looked at her searchingly, trying to find something in Jessica’s expression, then shrugged and left her alone. “Okay. But if you ever want to share…” She smiled suggestively. “I’m all ears.”


22nd December

Jessica had just about forgotten about the snowflake by the next day. She had thought for about an hour on what ‘have’ could mean, whether it was really relevant or not, but now it was gone. She yawned, getting her coffee mug out of the cupboard. She was not going to function that day without coffee, she had already been able to determine that and she wasn’t even sure why she was up in the first place. Even Seohyun wasn’t completely awake yet, and Seohyun was usually one of the first to be up and about in the dorm.

At least the maknae had thought to run the coffeemaker beforehand, so there was already caffeine ready for Jessica. She picked up the coffee pot and lifted it to pour coffee into her mug, then paused. She set the pot back in its place and reached into the cup, pulling out another small snowflake, the same as the one she had gotten the day before, still with a peppermint attached.

“Seohyun…” Jessica wandered out of the kitchen to where Seohyun was sleepily staring at a book. “Did you put this in my mug?”

Seohyun looked up, confused. “No, unnie… I didn’t touch your mug.”

“Did you see anyone else up this morning? Anyone go into the kitchen?”

“No, unnie. I think I heard someone in the bathroom, though…”

Jessica shook her head and went back to the kitchen, looking at the snowflake and leaving Seohyun even more confused than before.

Today’s snowflake had only a single letter written on it: A.


23rd December

“You’ve been really distracted all day. Is something bothering you?” Taeyeon asked, cornering Jessica after practice.

Jessica shook her head quickly. “Nothing, it’s nothing.”

She actually had been distracted, because she had expected to get another snowflake today but one had yet to show up. Maybe she hadn’t been the actual recipient. Maybe the person hiding the snowflakes everywhere had made a mistake. She hoped not.


Jessica blinked slowly, looking at Taeyeon again. She had gotten wrapped up in her thoughts completely and Taeyeon was looking at her, concerned. “I’m okay, really!”

She smiled sheepishly and walked away quickly, the thought of the missing snowflake plaguing her. She only grew more irritable over the course of the evening, to the point that even Yuri stopped trying to communicate with her. Tiffany shot her worried looks over their late dinner but didn’t say anything. The mood of the others started to get worse as well and Jessica decided to go to bed before she upset anyone unnecessarily.

She flopped onto the bed, still fully dressed, and lay her head on her pillow… then sat up and lifted the pillow again. There. She had found the snowflake. She picked it up, looking for anything written on it.


“Christmas,” she sighed, laying back again and holding the snowflake up. It was cute but it wasn’t quite what she had been hoping for.


24th December


Jessica barely had a chance to turn around before she was dragged into her room by a smiling Tiffany. It was almost midnight but everyone was up still, their schedules not quite allowing them to go to sleep yet. So Jessica wasn’t surprised to find Tiffany awake. She was more surprised by the large snowflake Tiffany was holding, which read Christmas.

“It was you,” Jessica said incredulously. “You left me the snowflakes.”

“Of course it was me. I heard you talking the other night about how upset you were that you had to work.” Tiffany set the snowflake aside, wrapping her arms around Jessica in a tight warm hug. “Merry Christmas, Jessica.”

Jessica snorted but hugged Tiffany, kissing her friend’s cheek. “Merry Christmas.” She should have known better when Tiffany said she wouldn’t do anything. Tiffany was Annoying Holiday Girl, after all. “Now you just have to make my New Year’s Eve just as good.”

preponderating on January 5th, 2011 04:29 am (UTC)
awww, this is so adorable! I love your writing, i love your tiffany and i absolutely adore your yuri, haha xD i love how simple this is, and you can be sure i'm going to bookmark this as one of my most favourite jessica/tiff fics ever :3
♡☛fics r us☚♡: 지눈。♡。augmenti on January 5th, 2011 04:36 am (UTC)
omg first i have to say, thank you so much for writing this for someone like me ;~;♥!! whoever you are, i want to smother you with hugs until you hit me over the head and chase me away because this is so adorable i can't contain my love ;~;! i-i really think this is one of the most adorable things i have ever read♥ ♥ jessica's continuous search for the snowflakes is so cute--especially when she was so not in the christmas spirit before. i love how tiffany knows exactly where to put the snowflakes so that jessica will find them, too. i also love the other members, and their continual bemusement towards jessica's behavior and how jessica gets all disappointed when she can't find it akjfjf. basically i love everything!

and you, i definitely love you too, thank you so much for writing this for me ;__;!♥ this truly made my christmas so special--i needed this so badly♥♥ thank you again (and again)! ;~; i'm going to treasure this forever and ever♥♥♥
brochacho: jessicacompatable on January 5th, 2011 01:17 pm (UTC)
everything about this story was so cute. i'm glad it was posted.

and this is random, but:
Today’s snowflake had only a single letter written on it: A.
when i read that, i thought of pretty little liars and started freaking out. i'm shameless.
brochachocompatable on January 5th, 2011 01:19 pm (UTC)
and by freaking out, i meant getting scared and thinking, "okay, this story is not going the fluffy way i expected it to."