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01 January 2011 @ 10:51 pm
Running Water, Running Away (Sohyun/Hyuna) for trappedintaipei  
Title: Running Water, Running Away
Recipient: trappedintaipei
Pairing: Sohyun/Hyuna
Rating: PG
Summary: An overnight road trip where nothing major happens but Sohyun loves her group.

It is Jihyun’s birthday present to all of them, even though it’s March and weeks from any of their birthdays. She is the one to organise it, to carefully arrange everything with the company and the car rental place.

When she first announced it, Sohyun’s first thought was “I‘ll never be able to come up with a present as good as this.”


Jihyun wakes the members up as quickly as she can while still maintaining some degree of gentle good humour, and thus avoiding any fights. They skip breakfast to shoves some clothes and other items they claim are absolutely essential in a bag, but Jihyun promises them food once they are on the road. It’s only this that gets Hyuna out of bed and moving at a pace that could be construed as something resembling fast.

When they get down the van, Jiyoon stops dead, causing Sohyun to walk straight into her back. “Is that thing even drivable?” She asks Jihyun, who grins at her unashamedly. “We only need it to last for two days.” She reassures her, pushing Jiyoon towards the driver’s seat. Hyuna snorts inelegantly and climbs into the van, causing it to rock.

Sohyun sighs, and reminds herself that she trusts Jihyun with her life, and follows Gayoon in.


Jiyoon drives, her sunglasses blocking out the early morning sun. Jihyun is in the passenger seat, a road map spread across her legs, but she’s dozing off against the window. Gayoon never fully woke up, so it’s no surprise that she’s stretched out across the middle seat fast asleep.

Sohyun has Hyuna leaning against her right side and their bags supporting her on the left. It’s a bit cramped and someone has an object in their bag that seems to be all corners, but Sohyun brushes a hand through Hyuna’s brown hair and thinks to herself that right now, she is perfectly content.


Three hours later, the rest of the world has risen with the sun, and they have been stuck in this same stretch of road for over an hour. Content is no longer a word in Sohyun’s vocabulary.

“I’m hungry~” Hyuna whines for the fifteenth time, and even Jihyun’s easygoing patience is wearing thin.

“Do something to take your mind off your stomach.” Jihyun suggests, trying for bright and chirpy and ending up somewhere near obviously faked enthusiasm.

“Maybe you could try being quiet for five minutes” Gayoon says, not even trying to hide the irritation in her tone.

It’s escalating into a proper fight when Jiyoon stops lightly drumming on the steering wheel and uses it to make a sharp left turn, shocking the other girls into silence. “Break time!” Jiyoon announces with no small amount of relief.

It’s not the most appealing of places to stop – everything seems covered in a faint layer of grime and the look the boy at the counter gives them makes Sohyun think he moonlights as a serial killer, but it’s a place where they can get out of the van and away from each other.


Sohyun wanders the short aisles aimlessly for a few minutes. In her haste to vacate, she left her wallet in the car, so she bypasses the food section so she won’t be tormented by the colourful array of packets.

She ends up at the counter, watching Hyuna make her purchase of two bags of chips and a bottle of water. Her hair falls forward over her face as she counts out the correct change, and Sohyun’s fingers twitch with the urge to brush it gently back. She’s pulled from her thoughts on the drape of Hyuna’s hair when the girl in question turns to her and unceremoniously drops one of the packets of chips into her hands.

“Thank you.” Sohyun says automatically, oddly touched that Hyuna would do such a thing. In return, Hyuna bestows on her a glowing smile, far less practiced than the sexy smirk she’s cultivated for the world. Then Hyuna walks away to jump on Jiyoon’s back, leaving Sohyun slightly taken aback, tucking the memory of that smile into her heart.


Over the course of the day, they stop three more times – twice to let the engine cool down, stuck on the side of the road. They play every kind of I Spy they can think of, until Jiyoon refuses to play anymore when Jihyun wins when none of them are able to guess “the orange sticker on the bottom of my shoe, obviously.” Gayoon makes up a song about the van, and it’s catchy enough that Sohyun finds herself humming it on the final stretch of road before they arrive at their destination.


The motel is down a small one-way road that seems more bumps and holes than actual tar, but Jiyoon manages to navigate it successfully enough that they arrive without major injury to themselves or the tired van. It’s a place that looks like it has seen far better days and is slowly getting ready to retire, but it’s a place to get out of the van and sprawl over threadbare carpet slightly lumpy beds.

They are all in the same room, two doubles and a single. Jihyun claims the single by virtue of being the oldest and the leader. Jiyoon and Gayoon collapse into the nearest double, leaving Hyuna to flop onto the double closest to the bathroom. Sohyun drops her bag on the floor, sinks down next to it.

Jihyun stands near the door, hands on hips, surveying all of them with a slightly exasperated air. “You can’t go to sleep yet! We have to go have dinner.” At the mention of food, Hyuna rockets off the bed to dance towards the door, collecting Sohyun from the floor as she goes. Sohyun lets herself be dragged into a heavily modified version of the tango, Hyuna’s arms tight around her waist as she tries to dip Sohyun.


It seems weird to Sohyun that even though all they have really done all day is sit in the car, they’re all yawning over their meals. Jiyoon is leaning heavily against Sohyun’s shoulder, and Sohyun tries to shift to accommodate her more comfortably without disturbing her. Across the table, Jihyun and Hyuna are engaged in a fierce gossip session, while Gayoon is hunting in the various dishes for any last trace of meat. Sohyun rests her cheek on Jiyoon’s head and replies to Hyuna’s mildly questioning look with a sweet smile.


The walk back to the motel seems much longer on the way back when they are full and completely tired, than on the way there when they were hyped up by the promise of delicious food and the prospect of people who they hadn’t been stuck in a van with all day.

Jihyun and Gayoon end up supporting Jiyoon, while Hyuna makes Sohyun skip with her, holding her hand tightly. Once they reach the end of the first road, Sohyun begs off, clutching her stomach. Hyuna concedes to walk, but she adds a skip every third step or so.

When they get back to the motel, Sohyun realises that they’re still holding hands.


As tired as she is, Sohyun finds herself lying awake long after the lights have been turned off. Judging by the sounds of their breaths, the others are all asleep, and Sohyun wonders if it will bother them if she gets her phone out. Before she musters up the energy to move, however, Hyuna rolls over and Sohyun can see by the faint streetlights that her eyes are open.

“This was a good trip.” Hyuna whispers, teeth gleaming as she smiles. Sohyun murmurs an agreement back, rolling closer.

“How long is it to breakfast, do you think?” Hyuna asks after a brief pause, and then Sohyun has to muffle her giggles into the pillow, while Hyuna pouts at her.

“Not long, we should probably go to sleep.” Sohyun says with a hint of regret. But she can’t maintain any degree of displeasure when Hyuna agrees and curls up closer, her breath soft on Sohyun’s cheek as she appears to drop off instantly. Sohyun kind of wants to stay awake longer now, since the sight of Hyuna is beautiful, but she knows she’ll pay for it tomorrow. Closing her own eyes, Sohyun places a cautious arm around the girl, and lets herself relax into sleep.

trappedintaipei on January 5th, 2011 04:18 am (UTC)
This was so much fun to read! I love the relaxed, easy tone and all of the little details, like Sohyun playing with Hyuna's hair and the two of them skipping together. :"D The image of them curled up in bed together made me squeal. ♥ So adorable! All of the little interactions between the other members were fantastic as well.

Thank you so much!
phonebook: jinki silhouettephonebook on January 5th, 2011 07:05 am (UTC)
Man, this fic has an atmosphere. I'm not very familiar with 4min, but I love roadtrip fic and there's something totally calm and sleepy about this. I love it!